Why choose MendedLittleHearts.net?

·        The mission of MendedLittleHearts.net is to provide all MLH groups with no-cost website hosting. 

·        Unlimited bandwidth and storage space and no unwanted, forced or required advertisements. 

·        Hosting services are versatile, supporting anything from simple blogs to complex content management systems.

·        Domain name (website address) and FTP access included…and did we mention it’s all free?

·        Hosting provided by a certified carbon-neutral company.

The primary mission of MendedLittleHearts.net is to provide all Mended Little Hearts groups across the country with a place to host their respective websites free of charge; thus becoming a true "network" of MLH groups.  Each group, upon request, will get their own sub-domain (ex. http://yourgroupname.mendedlittlehearts.net) and access to the server through an ftp account.  Existing groups with a website may, at their choosing, migrate their site here, but will be responsible for re-directing traffic to the new location.  Otherwise, a link will be provided to your existing site.  New groups and chapters without websites are encouraged to establish and maintain their own sites here, however, if you need assistance in creating a basic "About Us/Contact Us" site, that can be provided as well.   

A website is considered an organization's "ambassador" to the world.  But it can be complicated for most to create and maintain a site, not to mention costly.  The main driving force behind MendedLittleHearts.net is to provide all MLH groups with an opportunity to reduce or even eliminate the costs associated with website hosting so that those funds can be put to other uses, yet still be able to have a presence on the web to provide awareness tools for your group. 

The second mission is to provide group coordinators with a little help with some of the "technical stuff".  Once the site is set up and running, the reigns are handed over to you (and/or someone you designate) to customize and maintain.  If you are interested in establishing or migrating a website here, click on the “Sign-up for MLH.net” link above.  For questions, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .